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Documentation Services

Saving time and hassle on bureaucracy with MKM Services!​

MKM Services Tenerife


Service Description
Even if it is as simple as your NIE (Spanish ID card) or preparing to set-up a business in Spain, knowing where to go and filling in the forms correctly is key to starting a new life abroad...we can even with your future home in the Sun.

Our experienced team can help you get it done! Our Services include:

  • NIE Document

  • Spanish Residencia Document

  • Empadronamiento – Registery

  • Empadronamiento certificate 

  • Digital Certificate

  • Autónomo- Self Employement

  • Pre/post-sale property documents and tax payment

  • Pre/post-sale property documents including change of utility bills

  • Travel Discount Certificate

  • Social Security

  • Work Contract

  • Setting up a business

  • Holiday Rental permissions

Many, many more………..

Meet the TEAM



+34 619 492 329

  (Spanish – English – French)



+49 1522 4000431

(Deutsch – English)



MKM Services Tenerife
C/ La Plaza Alcalá Nro.8 , Alcalá, Guía de Isora, Spain

MKM Services Tenerife

Helping you settle in  

+34 622 130 892 

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