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Real Estate Services

Property Management, Selling, Buying, Rentals & Rent to Own Properties

MKM Services Tenerife


Selling Property

Selling your home does not need to be a long and drawn-out process.

We can:

  • Value your house, apartment or flat

  • Bring it to market and present it in our own special and unique way

  • Showcase your property where high quality buyers look for future homes

  • Take care of the post-sale obligations and documentation process


We’ll take pleasure in displaying your property in the most positive of lights and showcasing and highlighting all the most fantastic attributes that your home offers.

The whole process can be accelerated and improved with just a little help from you.

As the owner of a property on any of the Canary Islands, you are in the most advantageous position to accelerate and ease the whole sale process, from start to finish.



Book a free 30mins consultation call for free to find out more.


Coming soon:

Read our guide to selling and follow our advice to simplify and facilitate the sale of your home.


Buying Property

If you are looking for property to buy, then finding your dream home is only one part of the process.

Deciding which properties, you prefer and selecting homes that suit your lifestyle can seem daunting, especially when there are so many homes on offer.

Once you begin to investigate properties online, be it a villa, flat, country finca or even land to develop your very own design, you may begin to notice many identical property listings appearing on many different websites.

So, how do you choose? Selecting a good real estate agency is the key to the entire purchase or rental process.

MKM Services offers a wide selection on properties on offer as well as collaboration with other agencies all over the Islands.

Coming soon:

Read our guide to buying a property so you know what to expect as well as our advice to simplify and facilitate buying your future home.

MKM Services Tenerife
MKM Services Tenerife


Property Management

Your home abroad is special,  so why not treat it to the respect that it deserves? We provide property management service at an affordable price.

What does this mean?

  • Services for long term rental. MKM Services ensures your property is looked after and correctly maintained to ensure you get what you expected from your investment.

  • The unique “House Master Service”

  • Cleaning

  • Laundry

  • Maintenance

  • Paperwork

  • Tax payments and Returns

  • Interior Design & Furnishings

  • Shopping

  • Property Checks

  • Security

  • Gardens & Pools



Book a free 30mins consultation call for free to find out more.

MKM Services Tenerife

Property Rental

Need help looking for a place to rent?

Flat, house, villa, finca …

We can assist with options in many locations and property types.

MKM Services Tenerife

Rent to Own Properties  

The main disadvantage of renting property for many people is the fact you pay your rent every month but, in the end, you’re left with nothing to call your own.


The best solution for those wanting to buy a property but without sufficient funds at the moment is a lease option, often known as rent to buy or rent to own. If you buy your home on a rental-purchase basis, you get the best of both worlds: you have all the comfort of paying smaller, regular rental payments with the possibility of paying the rest of the sale price after 2 to 5 years.


A rent to own property is a fabulous option. MKM Services can guide you through the process.



Book a free 30mins consultation call for free to find out more.

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